Technical information: modifications in the semi-automatic doors “global”.

This model, is about becoming a “commodity” product, remaining available the following options for received orders from 1st of March of 2018:

  • Clear opening of 500 to 1.000 mm.
  • Free height of 2.000 mm.
  • Finishing epoxy RAL 7032.
  • Stiles width: 75, 100 y 120 mm* (Drawings attached with the new standard stile width 120 mm). MRL option for stile width 120 mm.
  • Obeying regulation EN 81-20/50 with the solution of the manual rescue (pit egress) available.
  • EN 81-21 available with three contact variables (mono-stable, manual and automatic bj-stable switch).
  • Obeying EN 81-71.
  • Fire certification E120 according to EN 81-58.

*Option default stile width.

This semiautomatic door model will be able with Evolution Fermator lock. Para cualquier otra necesidad que no esté dentro del rango anterior, el modelo puede ser el Fermator o B+.