Armony is the most versatile homelift with an infinite number of car finishes and with a load range up to 500 kg.


Maximum safety:
We have exhaustively studied its design to ensure the safety standard of a lift.

Decorative versatility:
We can provide the home lift with the same decorative characteristics than a normal lift (any car model, automatic doors, etc).

Works on any single-phase 220 V socket.

Space optimization:
Up to 80% use of the shaft.

Emergency rescue:
Equipped with a rescue system that allows to evacuate to passengers even in the event of a power failure.



  • Residential buildings
  • Architectural Barriers
  • Elimination of architectural barriers

Technical Features

Duty speed: 0,15 m/s
Duty load: Up to 500 kg.
Power (single phase): 4,3 Kw maximum
Minimum pit: 125 mm. (Q <= 385kg)
200 mm. (Q > 385kg)
Minimum headroom: 2300 mm. (without car doo)
Maximum travel: 24 m.


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