Car Lift


Hydraulic lift for vehicles in compliance with the Lifts Directive.


In the event of an electrical failure, the car descends to the next stop facilitating the exit of the vehicle and the opening of the doors (optional).

Easy installation:
The design is oriented to a reduction of assembly hours.

It has cabin braces, providing more rigidity and stability.

Parking assistance system:
Easy vehicle positioning with light curtain. In the upper part of the door, the display indicate whether the vehicle is correctly positioned (optional).


We have a deviation from Standard for the Parking Lift that allows us to optimize the whole of the car lifts for the loads used.

Deviation from standard for surface greater than table 6 in the EN 81.20 standard



  • Vehicles
  • Residential buildings

Technical Features

Duty speed: Up to 0,5 m/s
Duty load: Up to 5500 kg.
Roping: 2:1
Standard pit: 1200 mm.
Standard headroom: 3600 mm.


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