At Raloe we consistently pursue new partnerships and high-quality components to augment our already extensive customisation catalogue.

Consequently, our latest car & landing operating panels are now included in our portfolio, compatible with any of our indicators.

The Half-height car operating panel (COP) is furnished  with innovative designs and created from high quality PBAS anodised aluminium.

Additionally, a new series of landing operating panels (LOPs) and landing indicator panels (LIPs) is now offered in both flush and surface-mounted versions.

The uniqueness of these panels lies in the infinite shapes & motifs they can adopt as well as the manufacturing process wherein they are printed on aluminium before being sealed. This ensures a consistent metallic appearance and, most importantly, makes it indelible.

Explore the new customisation options for lift fixtures in our extensive catalogue, where they are readily available among our broad range of components.

Contact our team to unveil the myriad possibilities that anodised aluminium fixtures can bring to your upcoming project.