Freight Lift


Hercules is the twin piston hydraulic lift for persons and loads.


In the event of a power failure, the car travels to the next stop, opening the doors, and easing the removal of the load.

Easy installation:
The design is focused on reducing the installation hours.

Includes car braces providing more rigidity and stability.

Freight lift use

Even load distribution.
Manually loaded into the car or by hand pallet truck. For larger loads, anti-creep locks must be used. The packages weight to be loaded shall not exceed Q/4.

High point loads.
A forklift can be introduced into the car.

Comfort: Comfort: electronic valve train for smoother ride comfort.



  • Industrial
  • Heavy Load

Technical Features

Duty speed: Up to 0,63 m/s
Duty load: Up to 10000 kg.
Roping: 1:1 – 2:1
Standard pit: 1200 mm.
Standard headroom: 3600 mm.


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