At RALOE we strongly believe in the professional growth of our employees in order to have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and the achievement of company goals.

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Martin Grabmayer as Head of Sales for the DACH + DK business area at RALOE GmbH who will now lead the sales tasks in these markets, supported by multidisciplinary RALOE professionals.

We have the pleasure to work with Martin Grabmayer at RALOE GmbH since April of 2020 in the position of sales representative. He has a long professional career with proven experience in the lifting sector in the D-A-CH market and stands out for his great human and ethical qualities, which are essential for his position at RALOE.

We are confident of your professional skills and your valuable contribution to the RALOE GmbH project.

We invite you to join us in welcoming Martin Grabmayer and congratulating him on his new position.