2021: a year full of challenges, opportunities and new projects to develop and implement to continue growing day by day.

If there is anything that has characterised these 365 days that we are about to close, it is the variety of news and novelties that have brought it to life.

We kicked the year off by presenting one of the most interesting projects we developed in 2020: the SYMBIO lifts with a capacity for 13 people installed at Heritage of England Buxton Crescent Hotel & Spa, in the United Kingdom.

We are very pleased that our customers are satisfied with the installations we carry to completion!

Moreover, we have had the opportunity to develop some projects that have undoubtedly turned these 52 weeks into a stimulating year.

The Bridal Lift at Heathrow’s Atrium Hotel has brought us a lot of joy. A bridal lift that gives a different touch to the wedding day, full of magic. The aim, to provide a setting to make any bride’s dream come true on her special day.

Aware of the current health situation, we developed CABINFREE, our new cabin disinfection solution created for the maximum safety and peace of mind of our customers with a completely safe use.

Furthermore, we have focused on the development of new domestic installations. Our new UV Stairlift is focused on overcoming architectural barriers that prevent access to buildings, or full mobility in the homes themselves.

We also introduced BELTUS, the perfect electric homelift for all installations, both in private homes and public buildings. Very safe, it is a great commitment to comfort.

Our S38 Sassi machines, which are perfect for modernisations thanks to their wide range of reductions, powers and sheave and their static load of up to 3,300 kilos.

And we started November with great news, the launch of our Symbio Large Loads, a revolution in the large load machine roomless lifts.

2021 has also been a particularly positive year for the closing of distribution agreements. In September, RALOE became the official distributor of ARKEL in Spain and of Dewhurst material in Europe.

Overall, a great year for RALOE’s growth. We will continue to move forward, to take advantage of these new twelve months ahead of us, always offering a complete service to our customers.

We carry on!