Protecting ourselves and others is of vital importance in the current situation. It is our responsibility to take all possible precautions, which is why it so important to have a solution that allows us to disinfect the cabins easily and safely with UV light. Discover CABINFREE, our most innovative solution.

How does CABINFREE Work?

  • Once the cabin is in the floor, with no passengers and with no service, the cabin interior light is switched off and the UV light is switched on for time enough for disinfection, after this time it switches off automatically
  • The UV-C module is installed above the cabin control panel.
  • It allows to disinfect the surface of the cabin control panel by projecting UV rays at a specific frequency.
  • The airflow generated through the lamp acts as a germicidal that disinfects the cabin from viruses and bacteria.


  • Completely safe operation.
  • The control board developed, though its multiple sensors, guarantees the switching on of the ultraviolet device EXCLUSIVELY when the cabin is WITHOUT USERS inside.
  • The bulb’s specific frequency allows the disinfection of the cabin without generating ozone, so there is no danger to the health of the users.

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