Are you aware that an elevator generates energy sometimes? Normally, the energy generated is wasted in the braking resistor but, in particular with the increased cost of energy, it is more than worth it to store it and then reuse it. With the ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM, a 10 minute installation is enough to avoid wasting that energy in new or existing elevators. The return of investment (ROI) can be really short in high-use applications and furthermore, if the energy cost continues to increase, the expected ROI of today may actually be even shorter.


The elevator consumes less energy from the very beginning and without the need to replace or change any parts. As it is not a regenerative device, there is return of energy to the grid, it is stored for the elevator to use when required. This generates no noise problems in the grid due to injected power.


Many of our clients are using the device, so don’t hesitate to ask us about it for your particular case. This is PRECISELY the right moment to start thinking in elevators that in effect consume LESS ENERGY.


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